History of the Seventh Pennsylvania Reserves

7th Pennsylvania Reserves  » 36th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
     Initial Commanding Officer: Colonel Elisha Boanerges Harvey, of Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
» DATE ORGANIZED: June 26th, 1861 for 3 Years
» PLACE ORGANIZED: Camp Wayne, West Chester, Pennsylvania
» PRIMARILY COMPOSED OF MEN FROM: Berks, Clinton, Cumberland, Lebanon, Luzerne, Perry & Philadelphia County
» History of Pennsylvania Volunteers; Author: Bates, Samuel P.
         » War Time Letters & Correspondence
         » Biographical Accounts of Officers
         » Biographical Accounts NCOs & Enlisted Men
         » Post War Pension Files
         » Battlefield Monuments/Tablets
» Sergeant's David McCune and William McManus listed as commanding details in Andersonville Prison, Ga.
» Lee's Reaction to Meade's Assault at Fredericksburg, as Witnessed by Sgt. Jacob Heffelfinger, 7th Reg't. P.R.V.C.
» About 1st Sgt. George Washington Fritz, Co. D, 7th Reserves
» "Private John Taylor Cuddy and the End of Innocence" by Michele Tourney
» A Diary of Prison Life: Andersonville and Florence, S.C., by Pvt. Samuel Elliot, Co. A, 7th P.R.V.C.
» Luzerne in the Civil War - History of the 7th & 12th Pa. Reserves
» Brief History of Company B, 7th Reserves "The Biddle Rifles"
» Help Identify These Men!
Company Letter Nickname County Current Number
» Company A Carlisle Fencibles Cumberland County 130 Officer's & Men
» Company B Biddle Rifles Perry County 110 Officer's & Men
» Company C Iron Artillery Lebanon County 118 Officer's & Men
» Company D Lock Haven Rifle Guards Clinton County 106 Officer's & Men
» Company E Ridgway Guards Philadelphia County 92 Officer's & Men
» Company F Wyoming Bank Infantry Luzerne County 115 Officer's & Men
» Company G 2nd Philadelphia Guards Philadelphia County 103 Officer's & Men
» Company H Cumberland Guards Cumberland County 125 Officer's & Men
» Company I Myerstown Rifles Lebanon/Berks County 97 Officer's & Men
» Company K Douglas Guards Philadelphia County 109 Officer's & Men
» Field & Staff Not Applicable Not Applicable 33 Officer's & Men
» Unassigned Not Applicable Not Applicable 20 Men